Henry Stone Signs A Deal With In Phasion Records

Henry Stone, president of TK Productions, and In Phasion Records co-presidents Danny Kessler and Clancy Grass, have announced that In Phasion product will be distributed by TK. The In Phasion Roster currently includes artists Lu Jonis, Daddy Dewdrops and Rick Rydell. Th• label’s first releases are the Lu Jonis album “Or Durvs” and Daddy Dewdrop’s single “Nanu Nanu (I Wanna Funk With You),” both due for late November releases. Rick Rydell’s first single, “Eddie The Grease,” will be released in December. Pictured binding the poet ot the TK offices ore, from left: In Phosion’s Danny Kessler, TK’s Steve Alaimo, TK pres. Henry Stone and In Phaslon’s Clancy Grass.

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