“Henry Stone Uses Criteria for Most of His Latin American Recording” – BILLBOARD (1972)


Henry Stone, who has his own recording studios in Hialeah, uses Criteria for most of his Latin American recording-reserving his own studios for his soul and rock productions . His Tone-Latino label includes such artists as Adolfo Pago, world famous Cuban violinist and arranger / conductor. The now semi-retired Pago has recorded a dozen or more instrumental LP’s for Tone Latino with his groups Los Violines de Pago and Los Diplomaticos The most recent LP released by Stone’s firm 1s Pago’s “Greatest Hits· · top tunes culled from Pago’s albums. The songs are of Cuban origin, primarily, with a sprinkling of Spanish and American tunes and are arranged with a full, plush instrumental Latin beat. “Greatest Hits” had been selling extremely well in Puerto Rico, Panama and other South American countries where Pago is a household word. Distribution is handled by Tone Distributors-in Puerto Rico by Ammada E. Rodriquez.

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