Latimore “Let’s Straighten It Out” – New On The Charts – Billboard (1974)

“Let’s Straighten It Out ” -*
Moody, almost ominous chords and a beat that builds in intensity provide the strong underpinning to an almost excruciatingly straightforward lyric about a bedroom misunderstanding. Benny Latimore delivers the vocal with soulful desperation and plays a lot of the multi -instrumental backing. This is the biggest single Out of TK Productions since they broke forth thorn Hialeah, Fla., with George McCrae s “Rock Me. Baby” this summer. Latimore was backup singer-pianist in the mid-’60s for Steve Alaimo, who is now TK’s A&R director and Latimore’s producer. Latimore’s s first album established him as a soul comer and ‘straighten” is from his second, “More More More Latimore” He’s managed by TK and booked by their Teen -Age Dances division.

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