Letter From Henry Stone to Milt Oshins – Cash Box (1976)

“Dear Henry,
Thirty years ago I met you in Jacksonville, Fla. I was a rookie D.J. at the Univ. of Fla. and you were running Pan Am Dist. It would seem unlikely that 10 years later we would be partners in Tone Distributors and Chart Records. And 10 more years later in TK Productions, but we were. The following 18 years went by so fast it seems like only yesterday. The excitement, the hard work, the travel, the maddening pace, the music, where did it go? For you it’s still there. I must admit having wound -down a little since going into retail. Yet every time a new success occurs at TK, I still get a glow of satisfaction because I was there in the beginning…and I saw our baby grow into adulthood. It was just wonderful being a part of it all. We were partners for 18 years. We are friends for life. Henry Stone as a man, advisor, friend and teacher…I love you. Milt Oshins President, Happy Note Stores P.S. I’ve got to admit things are just fine in retail. After all, I had the world’s best training ground.”

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