T.K. Suing Over KC Hits LP – Cash Box News (1975)

TK Suing Over K.C. ‘Hits’ LP
HIALEAH, FLA. — TK Records is presently in the process of filing a lawsuit against their English licensee over the release of a “Best of K.C. & The Sunshine Band” LP, which one major midwestern wholesaler has been selling for $2.99 as an import. Imports usually sell for $4 and more at the wholesale level; the list on this LP is reportedly $5.98. Reached for comment, legal counsel for Henry Stone, president of TK, told Cash Box, “An unauthorizedrecording of acompilation album of
‘Best of K.C. & The Sunshine Band’ is being manufactured in England, and some copies have been imported into the United States. A lawsuit seeking injunctions
and other relief has been commenced by TK Productions against the manufacturer in England.”

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