The Godfather of Disco, Henry Stone, In Ocean Drive Magazine

Author: Jacquelynn D. Powers
Publication: Ocean Drive Magazine
Summary: Henry Stone, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Colonel Sanders, left his home in the Bronx to join the Army as it fought for victory during WWII. Immediately after his discharge, Stone moved to California and distributed records, but he moved to Miami six months later because California was overflowing with people. From a small jukebox distribution operation in Miami, Henry created one of the largest record distribution companies in the U.S., along with a small recording studio where Ray Charles and James Brown recorded albums. From those humble beginnings, it was easy for the energetic music lover to meet his next challenge in the early Seventies when he formed his own record company, T.K. Records.

Ocean Drive Godfather of Disco – Click for Full PDF

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