TK Records In The UK in 1977


The Record Mirror

“Florida’s TK group of labels is now distributed here by the ever expanding CBS, who will be issuing all future TK products.

RCA, who evidently obtained the UK rights to TK for only six months, have a selling – off period for everything they’ve already issued.

The news about this switch has come as a big surprise to many DJs, who consider it to be rather unfair on RCA.

Some jocks are even rumoured to be planning a blacklist ban on all future TK products to teach the American company a lesson.

This in turn would be unfair on both CBS and the TK artists but it’s cetainly true that too many US companies seem to have a distorted view of this country as a market place. They could well be taught an effective lesson.

In fact, RCA did a remarkable markting job for TK, giving them a far bigger hit with T-Connection than was ever scored in the US. At the same time, CBS were unable to chart the Lovers’ “Discomania” which, although not on TK worldwide, was on TK’s Marlin label in America…this, despite the Lovers’ huge disco acceptance here.

RCA’s own disco promotion team seem relatively unruffled by the change but then their other labels are currently hot too!”

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