TK's ROOTS CAME FROM R&B THE SOUL CAUSE OF TK'S MIAMI SOUND EXPLOSION THAT BLASTED US TO THE TOP IN R&B, DISCO, POP AND JAZZ Now We're Exploding with the Roots of R&B with Gospel Music on TK's GOSPEL ROOTS ARTIST ALBUM TITLE 5001 Pastor T. L. Barrett Do Not Pass Me By 5003 Rev. C. L. Franklin What Is Your Life 5004 The Fantastic Family I'm So Glad 5005 Gloster Williams & Gloster Williams and The King The King James Version 5006 Rev. R. L. Beavers The Inspired 5007 Roscoe Robinson Time To Live 5008 Rev. Marvin Yancy The Fountain of Life Choir GOSPEL ROOTS ARTIST 5009 Pastor T. L. Barrett 5010 The Jordan Singers 5011 Howard Lemon Singers 5012 Brother Walter Ponder 5013 The Phillipians 5014 The Cherubims 5015 Mama Lou and The Avant Singers Roots Glory Land Seasons Jesus Touched Me Tell It Like It Is Chilly Wind Change In Me Nancy Carree, The Jackson Singers of Washington, D.C., Liz Dorgan, and The Gospelettes, Helen Lewis, Rev. Edna Isaac, and The Greene Sisters, Ernestine Rundless, and The Meditation Singers 8 TRACKS AVAILABLE ON ALL ALBUMS TK DISTRIBUTED GOSPEL ROOTS 5016 Lucket Brothers Heaven Is God's Throne 5018 Jean Austin and Company 5019 Singing Sons of Washington, D.C. 5020 Mitty Collier Hold The Light 5021 The Fantastic Family Together 5022 Brooklyn All Stars 4350 The Jackson Down Home 4352 Southernaires 4351 Southern Gospel Upon This Rock 4353 The Jackson Southernaires Prince Dixon and The Jackson Southernaires Rev. Curtis Watson Frank Williams 8 TRACKS AVAILABLE ON ALL ALBUMS