Henry Stone’s Tone-Marlin Setup In Multi-Direction Activities – Cash Box (July 1969)

“MIAMI – Henry Stone’s Tone -Martin music complex is a swinging contributor to the national record and music scene. Adjacent to his distributing operation is Stone’s new 8 -track studio, from which has been the starting point for such successes as Mercy. Kane’s Cousins, Clarence Reid, Bluenotes, Violins de Pego. Other artists cut at the studio include John Lee Hooker, Jerry Williams, Betty Wright, George & Gwen and J.P. Robinson. On the Latin front, there’s Vicky Roig,
Juan Legido and Germain Garcia. Marlin Productions has signed a rock group called Magic, with Steve Alaimo and Brad Shapiro having produced a set by the group. A national distrib for Magic will be announced shortly. In other production moves, Marlin has finished producing a soundtrack for Rita Hayworth’s new film, “The Grove,” for which Alaimo sings the title song. Stone also signed Jack Sigler Jr. to an exclusive writer’s contract. Sigler wrote “Love Can Make You Happy.” Marlin also signed an exclusive writer’s contract with Clarence Reid. Reid had two _songs on the national charts last year. They were “Girls Can’t Do What The Boys Can Do” and “Don’t Let The Good Girls Go Bad” by Della Humphreys on Jamie. Other exclusive Marlin writers are David Brown, Bobby Birdwatcher, and Willie Clarke. All Marlin songs are published through Sherlyn Music or Kimlyn Music, affiliated companies. James Brown has included a Sherlyn tune “Mashed Popcorn” in his new album.”

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